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Considered to be one of Russia’s top guitarists, Dmitry Maloletov creates and plays compositions that fuse the elements of classical, jazz, rock and folk music. He is a renowned master of TouchStyle (or Two-Handed Tapping), an exquisite style of guitar playing that leaves a listener with an impression of not just one but two or three musicians playing together.


A graduate of the Minsk Institute of Culture (Byelorussia), Dmitry worked for quite a while with such Russian pop stars  before stepping over the limitations of conventional entertainment and embarking upon his own career. During the last decade he has been dividing his time between solo performances at home and abroad (including Europe, USA and the countries of South-East Asia) and concerts with his own DM Blues Jam band.


In September-October  2018 successfully passed the European tour (18 solo concerts in 6 European countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)

More information about the tour can be found here >>>


For three years he was the anchorman of a highly popular radio program (Guitar Club) dedicated to his beloved instrument. His present projects include TV master classes, reviewing sophisticated musical equipment for professional periodicals, and writing books on music theory and composition. Among his newest products is a TouchStyle manual.


             Master class of the Russian guitar player Dmitry Maloletov

             at the National academy for culture and art of

             Malaysia     ASWARA >>>


          TouchStyle (two-handed tapping) for beginners

             Lessons by Dmitry Maloletov


Mr. Maloletov’s artistic brilliance and versatility are well-represented on such CD albums as Knight of the Guitar (2000), September (2008), Clouds (2015) and North to Southeast (2016).


VIDEO DVD: «Live in Vologda» (2009)


Books: Two-handed tapping (1996), Guitar. Theory and Practice (1997), Mode and Harmony (2015), First steps in TouchStyle technique (2016)



Offers about concerts please contact with

art-manager Tatyana Borisova

Email: maloletov-mng@gmail.com


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