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Дмитрий Малолетов, Dmitry Maloletov


Master class of the Russian guitar player Dmitry Maloletov at the National academy for culture and art of Malaysia ASWARA


Дмитрий Малолетов Dmitry Maloletov





























As from 19th to 24th September Dmitry Maloletov took part in the festival for arts DiverseCity-2016 in Malaysia.


There were organized different educational programs in the frames of the festival in Kuala Lumpur.


Master class of the famous Russian guitar player Mr.Dmitry Maloletov was organized in the National academy for culture and art of Malaysia ASWARA and caused big interest among students and teachers of the university.


Dmitry Maloletov demonstrated different possibilities of the technique TouchStyle and answered various questions of students regarding the studying process and technical skills.
























In the end of master class Dmitry Maloletov made a brief presentation of his study guide called “First steps in TouchStyle technique” which was specially designed to help all guitar players to start learning this unique technique.


















Дмитрий Малолетов. Мастер-класс Академия ASWARA
Дмитрий Малолетов. Мастер-класс Академия ASWARA.